Mental Health Resources Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

Mental strain and burnout are very real for small business owners. The stress of trying to provide for yourself financially, your family, and your employees and keeping your business growing may sometimes put you into an unhealthy mental space. Financial strain and the isolation of feeling like everything is on your shoulders may lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns if you don’t seek out help. Luckily, there are things you may do and resources you may use to get yourself in the proper mental space to be healthy mentally and physically.

Make Sure You Create a Work-Life Boundary

Small business owners’ jobs are very much tied to their lives, so it may be hard to separate the two, but it is crucial to do so. Creating that work-life boundary and being able to leave work out of your home life may create a more relaxed and happier home life for your family and a sanctuary for you to get away from the mental and physical stress of work.1

Consider a Support Group

If you are struggling with stress or anxiety and feel better in social circles, consider finding a support group. Many people struggle with stress and other mental health issues and find they work through their problems better in a group setting, and joining one of these groups may provide you with the ideal outlet and get you the support you need.1

Subscribe to Headspace

If you feel better working through your mental health issues at your own pace and in your own chosen comfort setting, then an app such as Headspace may be the answer for you. Headspace is a program that offers a variety of mental wellness features such as guided meditation, therapy, EAP replacement, mental health coaching, and psychiatry. In this system, you work with a designated mental health professional to design a program to suit your specific needs to help you improve your mental health.2


Calm is another mental wellness app designed to help alleviate stress, help you decompress, and help you get more restful sleep through meditation, guided imagery, and mindfulness sessions. The app is simple and may be used regularly as a nighttime ritual or to diffuse stressful situations.2

Traditional Therapy

If you prefer a more one-on-one approach to addressing your mental health, therapy sessions are more accessible than ever, even for busy small business owners. Now, you may book an appointment in the office or even schedule virtual appointments with therapists so that they may fit better into your schedule.2

No matter which option suits your needs and daily life, taking charge of your mental health is crucial as a small business owner, not only for your business but also for your overall wellness.

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