Who We Serve

We are at our best when we are working with:
  • professionals growing a small business and accumulating wealth

  • empty nesters looking forward to travel & retirement

  • business owners that are looking to sell or retire

  • grandparents that want to leave a legacy

  • families experiencing life events 

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Conversation Starters:
  • I’ve earned my money. I don’t want to lose it. How can I preserve and grow my wealth?
  • We’d like help prioritizing our financial goals.
  • Our small business is growing, what are the options for employee benefit and retirement plans?
  • We’ve been investing and saving; how do we know if retirement is in reach?
  • Our first grandchild is on the way, what are our options for giving a monetary gift?
  • We experienced an unexpected health concern; will our savings cover treatment?
  • It’s tax time again, are we doing everything we can to save on taxes?
  • We want to consider life insurance; we need help sorting through the options.
  • We want to start saving for our child’s college education, what is the best way to do that?
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Connect With Us

We want to understand your needs in order to help you pursue your goals.


During your complimentary discovery meeting we will connect to discuss your goals and answer any questions you have. We are able to meet you however you feel most comfortable, in person at our office in St. Paul, MN or virtually via secure video conference. Once you decide to work with us you are part of the Bridge & Branch family. The next step is designing your tax integrated plan. 


After our initial meeting we’ll start the data gathering process. We’ll walk through a checklist to better understand your needs and document your goals. We’ll also ask you to provide financial documents such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Investment and Retirement Plan statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Tax returns

Next, our team will design your personalized plan, review it with you and help you implement.


We will schedule regular meetings to review your needs, goals, progress and investments. If you ever have questions or experience an unexpected life event call us or stop by. You’ll also have anytime access through our digital tools. 

The greatest compliment we receive is a referral to your loved ones. 
If you have a friend or family member that could benefit from our services, please have them connect with us to start a conversation.